The River is committed to offering superior kosher wines to the United States from around the world.
We are dedicated to maintaining a small, yet diverse portfolio of wineries, driven by our love of wine.
Moshe Wendel
"...It's been nothing but a pleasure working with Ami. He is honest, professional and always comes through.
      I waited a long time for their Twin Suns Cabernet to come out and it did not disappoint. Light and fruity, this wine pairs really well with my type of dishes, and more importantly, my customers love it.
      The River is a breath of fresh air in our industry, we need more like them..."

                - Moshe Wendel, Executive Chef, Beast BBQ N.Y.
      "We are proud of our partnership with The River and truly value the relationship that has developed over many years of friendship, trust, and hard work. Ami and his team are active supporters of our team and our markets through training and availability. We are excited for the future and continued success of our partnership with The River."

                - Alex Thompson, COO, Prestige Beverage Group