Har Bracha

A powerful sense of historical belonging
Vineyard Har Bracha, translating to English as Mount Blessing, is mentioned in the Bible on which half of the twelve tribes of Israel ascended in order to pronounce blessings. Har Bracha Winery is an estate winery that rebuilds a tradition in a place that historically was fruitful but has been barren for close to 2000 years. The winery returns to Israel's heartland, planting vineyards on a high-ridged mountain at an elevation of 840 meters (2,755 ft.) above sea level, with a 360 degree, breathtaking panoramic view of the Shomron region.

In 2007, Har Bracha Winery was established due to increasing demand for its grapes. As more and more people tasted the wines produced from these grapes, there simply was not enough to go around. The winery began with producing 3000 bottles, aged in fine new oak barrels of the French Radoux cooperage and has continued exclusively with French oak. Currently, production is 50,000 bottles per vintage and is steadily growing.

A 2010 wine review states “...Har Bracha might have people beating down their
doors sooner than later once the word gets out how interesting their wine can be.”

Highlander Merlot 2011
Pura Port 2011
Highlander Merlot 201185% Merlot, 10% Petit Verdot, 5% Cabernet Franc. The wine was aged for 24 months in French oak. Tastes of blackberries mixed with aro­mas of chocolate and tobacco offers a long lasting finish of wonderful flavors.

Pura Port 2011 "Pura" means a big cluster of grapes in biblical Hebrew. This port-style wine was harvested in late December from Petit Verdot and Petite Syrah grapes. Aged 24 months in barrels outside, it’s an elegant, aromatic wine, with flavors of dried fruits and a long finish.
HIGHLANDER CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2013 85% Cabernet, 10% Petit Verdot, 5% Merlot. The wine was aged for 20 months in French oak and offers a deep Bordeaux color. Pleasant tastes of cherries and dark fruits combined with oak aromas and a delicate sweet finish.